Growing up in the Midwest was when Lesley first started to explore painting. Although she attended college and then the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, near home, she moved around over the years, living in Italy, Bellingham, Washington and currently resides in New Mexico.

Lesley is a versatile artist who has painted in acrylics, oils and watercolors. She has also done many prints utilizing several different techniques which she learned while attending Western Washington University. She also has made masks and has plans to add animal masks to her collection. She enjoys and admires the work on many other artists. She loves the wonderful, dreamlike visions of the people and animals of March Chagall’s work and the vibrant and primitive images of Paul Gaugin. She also greatly enjoys the joyous and unrestrained artwork of children. With her paintings she wants to develop a language that is analogous to her imagination. The way she approaches her work is intuitive and spontaneous. The painting experience itself is enjoyable and a time of discovery.

“I never know exactly what I’m going to end up with until the work is well under way. One particular line or shape leads into another and the animals and other components begin to take shape. As this is going on I can begin to finalize composition and the details.”

A love of the natural world coupled with a sense of humor and fertile imagination, has certainly helped shape the content of her imagery. Lesley’s work continues to evolve and to provide viewers with wonder and surprise. She is also currently working on a series of spontaneous drawings using oil pastel, pencil, markers and colored pencils.