Centrum Residency Drawings

Lesley created the drawings on this page through a Centrum Artist's Residency, which took place in Port Townsend, WA during October 2006.  They are all done in mixed media and clearly illustrate her highly identifiable style.

Please direct any inquiries about her work to: Lesley@lesleylong.com.   She took part in this residency with two other artists, Rebecca Meloy and Betty Bastai.  The three artists also held an artists reception after four days of working and some guest comments can be viewed following the images.

Fish and Wine

The Celebration

Red Legs

Cat Meets Crockodile

Cats at Play

The Cat House

Dream of Home (and Fish Pie)

Anteater Meets the North Wind

Little Horse in the Big Wide World

Pig on Pencils

Winged Dog With Raven

Wolf Dreams

Who Was That?

Here are some comments about Lesley's work, from people who attended the reception.